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When it comes to cleaning concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks, we rely on pressure washing. Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is an effective and highly efficient way of cleaning hard, concrete surfaces. When we begin pressure washing a concrete surface, it is important to first determine what kind of stains we are trying to remove.

If we are removing oil stains we will start by using our degreaser chemical to first loosen the stains and then start the pressure washing process. If we are removing simply dirt or organic growth we will use our standard cleaning solutions followed by our pressure washing service.

At CFL Powerwash, we specialize in power washing and pressure washing concrete surfaces. We are capable of removing many different types of stains including rust, oil, grease, dirt, algae, moss and more.

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Benefits Of Our Orlando
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maintain your home's value and curb appeal

Hiring a team of professionals to pressure wash your home is one of the best ways to maintain your property’s value and curb appeal. Pressure washing can quickly take care of deep stains that have built up on your home’s surfaces, like the driveway, pavers, patios, and walkways. By pressure washing all of your property’s exterior surfaces, you can instantly take your home’s curb appeal to the next level — this is especially important if you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future since pressure washing your home can make an excellent first impression on potential homebuyers.

we don't use any toxic chemicals to clean your home

Our pressure washing service relies solely on high-pressure water, which means that we don’t use any toxic chemicals to clean your home’s surfaces. Toxic chemicals often have overwhelming odors and can deter prospective buyers from entering your home. Other companies that may use harsh methods for residential cleaning can ruin your home and permanently damage the surface. At CFL Powerwash, we follow a pressure washing process that is safe, effective, and free of any harsh chemicals that can potentially cause irreversible damage to your home.

services that are priced to fit your budget

Unlike our rivals, we provide exterior cleaning services that are priced to fit your budget. Other power washing companies will try to price gouge on services that we offer at a far more affordable cost, and they may not always finish the work properly. We treat you and your home with the utmost care, and we’ll go above and beyond with our efforts to save you money. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you always get the best possible value for your money. If you’re looking for a reliable power washing company that can provide top-notch exterior cleaning services, look no further than us.

Top Rated Residential Pressure Washing in Orlando Florida

Residential pressure washing is a helpful investment for property maintenance and your property value. Regularly cleaning your home keeps the grime buildup from eating away at varnish, paint and the exterior of your wall.
A simple house washing service or pressure washing of your driveway will keep your home in tip top condition all year long.

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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

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The main difference between power washing vs. soft washing is the amount of pressure. The soft washing technique cleanses or rinses with low pressure and cleansers or soap. The soft washing technique breaks down surface dirt and organisms. This eco-friendly method uses less power and an eco-friendly soap.
It actually can. According to the National Association of Realtors, annual pressure washing can increase the value of your home by up to $15,000 over time.

All our pressure washers are adjustable. It can be gentle enough to clean a pet or set to strip paint. The pressure we use depends on the job type and we rarely use full pressure. The soaps we use do most of the work for us.

**Note: In rare cases, you may have loose paint that may chip off with even very low pressure or even strong winds.

The majority of our chemicals are either chlorine/bleach products and/or degreasers for animal fats or petroleum-based product cleaning. Chlorine is about twice as strong as household bleach and is typically 12.5% chlorine. Without a downstream injector, we don’t use more than 20% of the chemical being used. The degreasers we use are biodegradable. They are either used for animal fats, restaurant oil, or petroleum-based products like hydraulic fluid, and motor oil.

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